Donald Trump Says Jeb Bush Would Have More Energy if He Moved From Miami to New York

Jeb Bush has been out of the presidential race for almost two months, but Donald Trump apparently loves to lambast the former Florida governor. Lil' Jebbers was Trump's favorite target during the debates. The magnate seemed to relish metaphorically wrapping his stubby little digits around Bush's jowls any chance he could get. 

Trump missed the prodding so much that last night at the New York State Republican Gala, he couldn't help but take a shot at Bush and his "low energy."  

“You say, 'What are New York values?' Number one, honesty and straight talking. It’s a work ethic, hard-working people. It’s about family. New York — believe it — is about family. So important.

"It’s the energy to get things done. Big energy. If Jeb Bush came here, I’m telling you, he’d have much more energy than he has right now. I’m telling you. He should move to New York, right?" 

One can furiously tweet "LYIN' TED" only so many times before one has to mix it up with some of the greatest hits from the back catalog of insults. 

But what's the implication here? That Miamians lack the energy of New Yorkers? Is Trump attacking Miami values? 

Granted, New York is the city that never sleeps. Miami is the city that sleeps past noon.

But once you get us going (with a shot of cafecito or five) we're, overall, as energetic as any other city. Certainly, Miami Republican voters had more than enough energy to vote against Trump in the local primary. 

Jeb's "low energy" isn't an issue of his hometown. It's an issue of Jeb Bush. 

If he moved to New York, he would probably live in Connecticut (the Coral Gables of NYC), have his driver deliver him to Manhattan every day, take a few meetings, have a power lunch at Cipriani, and be on his way. 

If the high-energy rhythm isn't gonna get Bush in Miami, it's not gonna get him anywhere. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.