Trump, You Lying Scum, Don't Attack Frederica Wilson
Photo by C. Stiles

Trump, You Lying Scum, Don't Attack Frederica Wilson

I moved to Miami almost three decades ago to cover the Dade County Commission for what was arguably its corruption peak, when commissioners cavorted with prostitutes and killers in crackhouses.

In those years, there was a bright light, and her name was Frederica Wilson, the very same congressperson whom President Donald Trump called a liar this morning because she claimed he had told the widow of a soldier recently killed in an ambush in Niger that her husband “knew what he signed up for.” (Trump's hundreds of lies have been catalogued by the New York Times.)

Back then, Wilson was principal of Skyway Elementary, a mostly black school in North Dade. She was a larger-than-life character, and her students loved her.

When Agripost, a recycling plant, moved next door to the school, Wilson didn't take it lying down. She decided to teach her students something about politics. So she marched them in front of the commission day after day. They complained of breathing problems. They said in their tiny voices that it was difficult to concentrate at a school where hallways smelled like garbage.

There were at least a half-dozen meetings regarding Agripost. Wilson took about 50 students to each and every one. She spoke sometimes but mostly left the talking to the kids. Most were so small they had to stand on crates to see over the podium.

The owners of the plant said it didn't smell and expected commissioners to believe them.

In the end, the students — and their principal — prevailed. Commissioners closed Agripost, and the company sued, claiming it had been wronged. It lost that lawsuit.

So, President Lying Guttersnipe, you attacked Sen. John McCain for lack of heroism and embarrassed both yourself and the nation. And now you've attacked Rep. Frederica Wilson. You need to just stop talking. And tweeting.

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