Donald Trump Came to Florida and Yelled at "Terrible, Stupid" Microphone

Donald Trump Came to Florida and Yelled at "Terrible, Stupid" Microphone

Part-time Florida man Donald Trump stopped into the state last night to address his fellow Sunshine State Republicans at a Pensacola rally. At least 11,000 people showed up to hear Trump speak, but the GOP frontrunner reserved his harshest anger for his microphone. 

"I don't like this," Trump suddenly erupted in the middle of his speech. "Whoever the hell brought this mike system, don't pay the son of a bitch that put it in." 

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Trump then went on for about a minute about how he wouldn't pay this horrible microphone man, and the crowd ate it up. 

"When somebody does a bad job, like this stupid mike, you shouldn't pay the bastard," he said. 

In any event, the rally may have seen one of Trump's biggest audiences yet. 

"Trump is kicking ass in Florida," Trump told the Florida crowd, and, well, according to the latest polling, he is. 

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