Dolphins vs. Panthers Preseason: Where Chad Henne Doesn't Blow As Badly This Time Around

The Miami Dolphins were able to manhandle the Carolina Panthers last night 20-10 in their second pre-season game of the year.

It was a far cry from last week's craptacular outing against the Atlanta Falcons where quarterback Chad Henne did himself no favors by playing like a massive sack of ass. But last night Henne played like he finally realized he might be selling Garmins at hhgregg next year if he doesn't get his shit together.

Henne went 15 for 24 for 194 yards. And, most importantly, he threw no interceptions. He still has issues with his long ball accuracy, which is a pain in the asshole because he clearly has a bazooka for an arm. But that scrutiny is for another time. For now, HOORAY OUR QUARTERBACK DIDN'T THROW ANY PASSES TO THE OTHER TEAM! HIGH FIVE, EVERYONE!

One of the more exciting things about last night was the debut of Reggie Bush as the Fins' starting tailback. Bush seems to be the perfect solution to Henne's check-downism, and displayed flashes of his crotch mauling speed and play-making ability, running for 53 yards on eight carries and racking up the yards on pass-catching plays.

All in all, this completely arbitrary game might be something to build on.

Yes, it is pre-season, and yes the Dolphins just beat pretty much the worst team in the world. But some questions have been answered. Mainly, the defense can be pretty dominant when it wants to be, Chad Henne can be as good as he is shitty, and Reggie Bush in open space will be fun to watch this year.

The only real question remaining is: Would it be at all possible to play the Carolina Panthers EVERY week?

Next pre-season game is next Saturday at Tampa Bay. Kick-off is at 7:30. Two more of these horsedick meaningless games and then the real deal begins!

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