"Dolphins Suck" Comment Leads to Death of an Inmate

Defending the pride of the Miami Dolphins to the death is something the current roster hardly seems interested in, but one fan is accused of killing a Dolphins detractor. Though, both the assailant and the victim were already behind bars at the time.

The incident took place at South Bay Correctional Institute, a privately operated facility in Palm Beach County in October.

Twenty-eight-year-old inmate Willie Smith apparently was repeatedly taunting 42-year-old Vincent Lee, and the night before the murder told him that "the Dolphins suck."

On October 16, sometime after 6:30 in the morning, Lee entered Smith's cell with a padlock attached to a black belt and hit Smith in the head. Lee had a one-and-a-half foot shiv in his waistband, though it's not clear if he used the weapon. Lee was able to clean up much of the blood and flushed a sheet down a toilet before being detained by guards.

Smith died eight days later. He was serving a life sentence for armed robbery and burglary. Lee was serving a 30-year sentence for drug charges and robbery.

[PBPost: Dolphins criticism deadly for South Bay inmate, deputies say]

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