Dolphins Sign J.P. Losman As Latest QB, But Does Anyone Really Care Anymore?

There's some sort of collection of men purporting to be a football team who still suit up every Sunday in the Dolphin's traditional aqua and orange and attempt to play something vaguely resembling pro football. It's almost cute how they're still pretending to even compete. In their latest move they've decided to sign J.P. Losman, a former Buffalo Bills first round draft pick to back up Matt Moore. Sage Rosenfels, whose career is about as dead as a Rosenstern, has been placed on the reserve list.

Losman played five season with the Buffalo Bills, with a few stints as starter, but never really clicked in the NFL. His contract expired in 2008, but he did lead the Las Vegas Locamotives to the UFL's championship game in 2009! So there's that! Is it too late for the 'Fins to give up on the whole NFL thing for the season and just slum it in the UFL?

Do we care that the team has signed Losman? Does anyone even care? The Zombie Dolphins have pretty much given up, along with most of the Dolphin fan base, and we all know there won't be any good news on the QB-signing front until at least next year. Hopefully during the draft?

One more S in there and Losman would have the perfect name for the savior who could deliver us the "Suck for Luck" championship.

Of course, not all first round QB draft picks work out all that well, as Losman himself can attest.

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