Dolphins Rookie A.J. Edds Blows Out Knee

​Things had been running pretty smoothly for the Miami Dolphins since training camp began last Friday. Chad Henne is looking sharp, Will Allen is looking fluid, and newly acquired Pro Bowl wide receiver Brandon Marshall is downright blowing shit up. But all the good times and double rainbows came to a screeching halt this morning when it was confirmed that rookie linebacker A.J. Edds suffered a torn ACL in his right knee and is out for the season.

A fourth-round draft pick for the Dolphins this year, Edds possessed speed and versatility that made him a lock for special teams and as a backup to Karlos Dansby. Edds was also slated to come in during third-downs and other coverage situations to guard tight ends and running backs.

The injury now means Austin Spitler and J.D. Folsom have a chance to step up and earn themselves the job. It also means the Dolphins will have to lean heavily on Channing Crowder and his uncanny ability to jump into a pile two seconds after the play is over during third down and passing situations.

So to recap: The Dolphins have so far lost defensive end Jason Taylor to the Jets, defensive end Phillip Merling to an Achilles tendon injury, Jason Ferguson to retirement, and A.J. Edds to a blown knee, yet Channing Crowder remains unscathed.

We can only hope this is just a bad dream within a dream within a dream.

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Chris Joseph