Dolphins Release Epic New Renderings of Sun Life Stadium Upgrades

The Miami Dolphins have released the most detailed look yet at what exactly all these upgrades to Sun Life Stadium will entail. In addition to things like a roof and new HD lighting, there will also be revamped concourses, new bar and restaurant areas, and in-stadium couches and arm chairs.

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Here are some highlights:

The additions are currently underway with the first round of renovations set to be ready by next season. You can expect new seating to be installed by then as well. The 2016 season will see the debut of the new roof, and the full shebang will debut in 2017.

The renovations are being paid for by team owner Stephen Ross -- technically. The Miami-Dade County commission agreed to pay the Dolphins a "finder's fee" for hosting various big-ticket events. The team can collect up to $5 million a year, with a Super Bowl worth $4 million, a college football national championship game worth $3 million, $2 million for college playoff games, and $750,000 for other certain special category sporting events. That could include international soccer games that sell more than 55,000 tickets.

Of course, the main reason the Dolphins pushed for stadium upgrades in the first place is because NFL brass indicated that Miami would not be in the running for any future Super Bowl unless it fixed its stadium. Indeed, Miami has not hosted a Super Bowl since 2009 though it has bid for other games.

Miami has hosted 10 Super Bowls in total, currently tied for the most with New Orleans. The next game Miami will be able to bid for is 2019.

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Kyle Munzenrieder