Dolphins Premium Ticket Holders Will Get Free Fancy Handheld Device

Keeping with his eventual plan to turn Dolphin LandShark Stadium into a luxury football destination, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross announced today that all premium ticket holders will be provided with free, wireless, hand held devices during games.

The devices (Dolphin Pods?) will provide fans with HD replays, alternative camera angles, instant access to stats, and the ability to order food and drink.

"Fans have been getting used to having immediate access to the information they want," said Ross. "This will enable them to do just that."

The fins have ordered 5000 of the things from Kangaroo Media. Their website displays a clunky black unit that isn't exactly up to Apple standards of elegance, but looks tough enough for an NFL fan and seems to easily sit in your hand.

[Bloomberg: Dolphins Giving Fans Handhelds to Watch Replays, Access Stats ]

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