The Dolphins' Season Is Definitely Over After They Blew a Ten-Point Fourth-Quarter Lead in Indy
Photo by Michele Eve Sandberg

The Dolphins' Season Is Definitely Over After They Blew a Ten-Point Fourth-Quarter Lead in Indy

The Dolphins' Sunday afternoon matchup with the Indianapolis Colts was basically a playoff game. At 5-5, losers of five of their last seven, and toward the bottom of a bunch of teams tied for the last playoff spot in the AFC, the Dolphins couldn't afford to lose to the Colts, who were also 5-5.

With Ryan Tannehill back from injury, it was now or never for this Dolphins season.

Basically, two teams entered; one team left. Colts or Dolphins. Dolphins or Colts.

The Dolphins lost 27-24 and are now out of the playoff hunt. Even after being up 10 in the fourth quarter. Are you new here? Of course, that happened.

A pair of Xavien Howard interceptions couldn't stop the Dolphins from Dolphins-ing. A massive 75-yard miracle-of-a-touchdown to end the first half couldn't stop the force of nature that is the Miami Dolphins quest to perfect mediocrity. Two Kenyan Drake touchdowns couldn't do the trick, either. This story was set in stone. It was written prior to kickoff.

The Dolphins will always Dolphins. Even if up 24-14 with 10 minutes left.

As you may have expected, Dolphins fans took the loss a certain way and had a variety of tweets about it. Twitter really needs to start charging these people to get the poison out.

The Dolphins play the Buffalo Bills next week. People will attend that game. It will be on television and stuff. Perfectly good Gatorade and athletic tape will be used. But it really doesn't exist. The game might as well be played for charity. At least someone would win and some good would come of it.

At least we'll have another week to evaluate Ryan Tannehill, though. Start 83 should do the trick. 

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