Dolphins Lose First-Round Pick Odrick for the Season

The Miami Dolphins have lost the services of rookie defensive end Jared Odrick for the season after he suffered a broken leg during practice on Wednesday. This is the second time Odrick breaks his leg this year. He suffered a hairline fracture during the first game of the season. He also broke the same leg during his sophomore year at Penn State. So either Odrick is just very, very unlucky, or his bones are actually made of peanut brittle.

The Dolphins had been hoping Odrick could return to the lineup after an impressive pre-season. And Lord knows they could have used him this week against the first-place Steelers. For now, we just have to wait out the rest of the season, the off-season, and next pre-season to see if Odrick can get back on the field and show his potential as a first-rounder.

The Dolphins had already suffered two losses on its D-line earlier this year, when Jason Ferguson announced his retirement and Phillip Merling tore his Achilles tendon. They also lost rookie AJ Edds with a torn ACL before the season started.

But, hey, buck up. Because our kicker won the AFC special teams award this week. How does this bit of news help ease the pain of losing yet another defensive-standout for the season, you ask angrily. It really doesn't. But we're just trying to keep things positive, and this is the best we can do. What are we, Tony Robbins?

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Chris Joseph