Dolphins Fans React on Social Media to Crushing Loss to New England

Almost, but no cigar. 

The Dolphins foisted a magic trick on their fans yesterday in a 31-24 loss to the New England Patriots. The Fins managed to lose twice in the same day. They dug themselves a 31-3 hole that had everyone on social media cursing their existence. It was over. Same old Dolphins, only seemingly worse. Then Ryan Tannehill morphed into Dan Marino for a half, and the Dolphins cut the deficit to 31-24. Could this be the greatest comeback in Dolphins history? No. It could not, and would not. 

The Dolphins lost 31-24. They are 0-2. The standings do not reflect close losses. This is not soccer. 

There is a lot of football left in this season, but it's pretty clear the Dolphins don't have enough on the defensive side of the ball to be a contender. The realization that the few nuggets of excellence that fans occasionally find in the family-size bag of atrociousness won't be enough to change things has fans contemplating what kind of relationship they find themselves in. The perpetual suckage most definitely has fans all up in their relationship feels, and they aren't happy about it. 

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