Dolphins Draft Pick Charles Clay Cuts Grass to Make Ends Meet

The Miami Heat's Big Three don't have a shiny new trophy, but look on the bright side: They still have jobs and millions of dollars. At least they won't be forced to cut grass just to be able to feed themselves. The same can't be said for Dolphins draft pick Charles Clay. Thanks to the lockout, the guy is not getting paid, and he's taking a series of menial jobs just to get by.

The fullback from Tulsa whom the Dolphins selected in the sixth round can't rely on loans from agents like other high-profile draft picks and has been forced to find other ways of making money while the NFL hashes out its labor talks.

"It's hard times right now. I'm working little small jobs and things to get money," Clay told Omar Kelly on WQAM this weekend. "Not getting an income right now is tough, especially when I'm trying to have a facility to work out in and have to pay for things like [trainers]."

Clay says he's been cutting grass in Tulsa and hasn't even been to Miami yet (a good idea because we probably don't have that many jobs to offer, considering our unemployment rate).

"At one point I actually thought about going down there, but when you go down there and you have no source of income, I'd just be down there," he continued. "You also take risks of being injured. It's a lot of things you have to take into account when deciding to go down there."

Sadly, Clay can't take his talents to South Beach just yet. It's a pricey place.

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