Dolphins Decision to Forgo Drew Brees Rubbed in our Face Almost Immediately

Like most Miamians, we were pulling for the Saints last night. Yeah there's a huge part of us that wished it was the Dolphins, but we couldn't have been happier for New Orleans. 

Of course, as you're probably aware, Saints QB and MVP Drew Brees was courted by the Dolphins when he left the Chargers in 2005. The Dolphins didn't think Brees could fully recover from a shoulder injury and signed Daunte Culpepper, who was dealing with his own knee injury, instead. As we all know that didn't work out so well. 

So within a minute of the New Orleans Saints winning their first Super Bowl, we believe it was CBS announcer Jim Nantz, who decided to remind the Dolphins, and about 100 million people, of their stupid decision. 

"Brees could have ended up playing here as his home stadium, but the Dolphins, you know what, they just cast too much doubt. They were too suspicious that his shoulder wouldn't heal. But Brees didn't like their attitude, the attitude of authority."

Yeah, well, we don't like your attitude buddy. I don't know if anyone taught CBS's announcers booth about being polite to your hosts, but we could have done without that. 

We're not sure if the insinuation was that if only the Phins had signed Brees we would have been Super Bowl XLIV champions, but personally, we prescribe to our self-made, half-assed conspiracy theory that the Phins purposely suck in years when the Super Bowl is in Miami so as to maximize the economic impact. 

You can watch a video of it here, but we doubt it'll be up much longer. 

Oh, and I'm sure you saw this Dolphins-embarrassing, Arcade Fire-scored spot for the NFL. 

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