Dolphins at Tampa Bay Preseason: Chad Henne Coming Around?

The Dolphins lost 17-13 to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last night. But Chad Henne played well, so... EVERYTHING IS TOTALLY GOING TO BE OKAY NOW!

The third pre-season game is generally considered the most important, since it's where the first-teamers get the most playing time before the real games begin. It's also used as a barometer for how the regular season might go. For the most part, the Dolphins were sloppy (11 penalties for 76 yards), the defense rickety, and the offensive line still looks like it couldn't protect the quarterback from Oompa Loompas. BUT, Chad Henne and Brandon Marshall connected on a 60-yard touchdown that got everybody giddy. So suck it, pessimism!

It was good to see The Robot Chad Henne go from shit-pile mode to kick-ass mode, as he had his best performance of the pre-season going 10-for-13, and 175 yards. This is a pretty fantastic feat, considering that this team has surrounded him with offensive linemen who were apparently biogenetically engineered from wet cardboard.

Henne was sacked three times last night, and rushed several other times. And even though the Dolphins have been without injured left tackle Jake Long, it's the right side of the O-line that's been going down like Paris Hilton at a coke party. Vernon Carey, Marc Colombo and first-round pick center Mike Pouncey (another gem, Ireland! WELL DONE!), all struggled mightily against Tampa Bay's speedy pass rushers. The line also failed to open holes for Miami's running backs. So even if Chad Henne finally gets his shit together this year, these dickholes are going to ruin everything with their whole being very shitty at football thing.

Still, the positive here is that Henne has bounced back rather nicely since he projectile vomited on our hopes and dreams against the Atlanta Falcons a few weeks ago.

So the good news is our quarterback might not suck ass anymore. The bad news is, his offensive line is going to kill him.

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