Doin' the Natacha Rag

Katie Edwards, executive director of the Dade County Farm Bureau, was very happy with our cover story about the Natacha Seijas recall. Edwards left the following congratulatory message on my voicemail:

"Hi Frank Alvarado, this is Katie Edwards calling from Dade County Farm Bureau. Wanted to call and tell you what a piece of shit you are because we had a really great conversation and I think you put a lot of real BS and lies in the Miami New Times. I'd be happy to send you a copy of the check that the commissioner gave us, which was not for $10,000, which I told you. But you went ahead and printed lies in your piece of crap newspaper. So I hope you can sleep well at night knowing that you feed the public a bunch of lies and malignant bull crap. Good for you Frank. I need you to do the right thing by telling the correct story. You're a liar."

Indeed, when I interviewed Edwards, she said Seijas insisted the bureau received only $5,000 from the commissioner's discretionary fund. But according to an August newsletter Seijas sends to residents in her district, she gave the bureau $10,000.

Francisco Alvarado

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