Dog That Went Missing in California Two Years Ago Found in Florida

Cooper, a tiny Chihuahua-whippet mix, seems to have gone from sea to shining sea, but no one knows exactly how. The pup went missing from his Sacramento, California, home back in 2009. Earlier this month he turned up in Brandon, Florida. Unfortunately, his incredible journey did not involve another, more elderly dog and a bitchy cat voiced by Sally Field. Or, actually, maybe it did. No one knows.

According to Fox 40, Cody, 16, and Natalie Baetge, 7, received Cooper as a final gift from their dying grandfather. He was supposed to be something left behind to remind the grandkids of their grandfather's love, but Cooper went missing back in October 2009.

Now, nearly two years later he has turned up in Brandon on the west coast of Florida. Two people found the lost dog and took him to a shelter. A scan of his skin revealed a microchip which confirmed that Cooper's home was all the way back in California.

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Cooper will be going back to Cali on October 3rd to be reunited with his family, and he won't have any new additions to compete with. The family hadn't replaced Cooper in his two-year absence and held out hope that he'd one day return

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