Does Udonis Haslem Have a Beef With LeBron James?

What's the beef? The Miami Heat beat the LeBron-less Cleveland Cavaliers Friday 99-84 — but you knew that already. Heat fans broke out in a hilarious "LeBron Is Tired" chant late in the big win, referencing James' decision to sit out the game due to fatigue caused by a late overtime game in New Orleans the previous night — but you knew that too.

What you probably missed, though, is a very interesting exchange between Heat lifer Udonis Haslem and LeBron after the game.

After the final buzzer sounded, LeBron made his way from the Cavaliers bench onto the court to greet the few Heat players who remain from his tenure in Miami. Right around midcourt is where he found a less-than-enthusiastic-to-see-him Haslem. We can't exactly confirm that the exchange was heated, but they sure don't look like two friends who haven't seen each other in a while asking how the kids are. LeBron clearly seems taken aback and confused, and Udonis appears uninterested in explaining what's going on. 

Udonis has said — as recently as this past Friday on The Dan Le Batard Show — he has no beef with LeBron and fully understands why a guy would want to go home. He also makes it clear that if LeBron came into the lane, UD wouldn't be opposed to sending him to the ground if needed.

There is no history of tension between the two — quite the opposite, actually: Haslem played the role of security guard many times when LeBron was in Miami. It could just be a case of Haslem keeping it old school and not wanting to fraternize with the enemy.

So are we stirring up shit, or was this a thing? You decide. 
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