Does Julio Robaina Buy Black Candidates? Luther Campbell Says Yes

Julio Robaina is like a Cuban Fonzie, the dude stays cool under pressure. But that doesn't mean he isn't up to no good.

At the liveliest public forum we've seen so far in the County Mayor's race, the NAACP debate at the New Birth Baptist Church, Luther Campbell accused Robaina of paying off black candidates in his run for power.

Luke almost got physical with candidate Wilbur "Short Stop" Bell, a self-made millionaire from Perrine, and claimed that Roosevelt Bradley was bought and paid for too.

Here are the video highlights from Luther Campbell at the debate.

"In my opinion, I think Mr. Robaina bought off Mr. Bradley, Mr. Gimenez is too nice to buy off anybody, so I think Mr. Bell is bought off by Mr. Robaina as well. See cause Mr. Robaina got a lot of money. He can buy off everybody up here but me."

"You only showed up at two forums," said Luke to Bell.

"It's crooks that run county government, meaning African-American politicians that are paid off by special interest groups, and that's a problem. So, I'm the only individual who's gonna step up to em' because I'm not a political insider, and I do not take special interest money."

And here is a bonus clip where we find out that apparently nobody in the whole county thinks the Marlins Stadium deal was a good one:

And make sure to read this week's feature story on Luther Campbell, where Francisco Alvarado takes you inside the Luke for Mayor campaign as only New Times can tell it. Also be sure to stop by youtube.com/miaminewtimes for tons more videos documenting the run.

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