Does It Offend Rick Sanchez, Yeah?

Oh No! Someone's mixed Catholic imagery and sex! How provocative! How controversial! How unoriginal.

Rick Sanchez, everyone's favorite former Channel Seven newsman, dedicated a good portion of his Twitter-fueled CNN show yesterday to the latest cover of Mexican Playboy that shows a model who may be channeling the Virgin Mary (though, the publisher denies this ...but considering some people see Mary in window stains and grilled cheese he should have known better).

We know, we know. Yesterday was a slow news day, believe us we know, but Sanchez gets outraged (well, he reads outraged Twitter and Facebook comments in an outraged tone) about the cover before bringing in a correspondent from CNN en Español who admits that there really isn't much of a reaction to the cover in Mexico, where its been on newsstands for a week, before getting outraged herself. Then, to complete the outrage trifecta, Sanchez brings on media-loving Miami priest Father Cutie (aka Father Oprah), who predictably is even more outraged. The video is after the jump. 

We understand why it's offensive, we're not saying it isn't, but come on, this is nothing new. More blasphemous Virgin Mary smut after the jump. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg:

  • In 1982, some lady calling herself Madonna burst onto the pop scene humping floors in rosary beads and singing "Like a Virgin." Catholics were outraged.
  • In 1999, a portrait of Virgin Mary surrounded by tiny vaginas and covered in elephant dung was on display at New York's Brooklyn Museum of Art. Catholics were outraged. 
  • In 2000, an adult toy company called "Divine Interventions" starts selling Virgin Mary shaped dildos. Catholics were outraged.
  • In 2002, Italy shuts down adult internet sites that feature Virgin Mary porn, becuase Catholics were outraged. 
  • In 2005, apparel company T-Shirt Hell offers a t-shirt that says "Mary Was Only A Virgin If You Don't Count Anal." Catholics were outraged.
  • In 2006, Courtney Love poses for the cover of David LaChapelle's book Heavan and Hell as the Virgin Mary. Catholics. Outraged.
  • Just last month, Brtinery Spears allegedly turned down a role as the Virgin Mary, there by avoiding Catholic outrage.

One of the Twitter comments, tweets as they're know, Rick reads says

"The December cover of Playboy is not obscene, it's a cry for

publicity. Congrats Playboy, it worked."  Haha, exactly.

Because nothing is guaranteed to generate more controversy than offending the religious, and that is why people will continue to do it. Maybe the offended should stop giving the offenders so much publicity, and accept that stunts like this are going to continue. Plus, hey, the perpetrators are all going to Hell anyway, right?

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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