DJs are Obama's New Secret Miami Campaign Weapon

DJs really are taking over. They've even entered the political arena, and may play a small but pivotal role in the presidential election.

President Obama's campaign has quietly enlisted the help of a group known as "DJs for Obama." The group is targeting beat-friendly cities, perhaps none more so than Miami where beat mixers have already held a large gathering for the prez at Wynwood Walls with plans for more parties.

The Daily Beast noticed the phenomenon, but when they inquired about it, the Obama campaign at first denied its existence before fessing up that yes, DJs for Obama is an actual thing. Though, the campaign did not say it officially sanctioned the group.

The DJs involved aren't spinning the adrenaline-inducing EDM currently in vogue with the Ultra crowd, but rather beats intended to appeal to young Black and Latino voters. You're more likely to hear soca, reggae or hip-hop at a DJs for Obama event then you are Swedish House Mafia's latest single.

The biggest event held by DJs for Obama occurred this past May at Wynwood Walls. In exchange for $25 that went to the Obama Victory Fund, guests danced to the likes of Eternal Vibes, Slim Vybez and Lady B.

Marlon Hill, an entertainment lawyer and Obama supporter, is helping throw the shindigs in Miami.

"Deejays are like any other professional. They are an important part of communicating messages to different communities," he tells the Beast.

The Miami-Dade Democratic Party is on board too.

"You bring them to the party, but while they're at the party, you give them tools to spread word about the campaign," Cedric McMinn, executive director of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party, told the site.

The group is also targeting nightclubs, and hoping to register potential voters while they wait outside the velvet rope. Though McMinn admits the group doesn't stay too late, because people tend to "get too drunk."

Though, the group wants to keep it clean. DJs who played at the Miami event had a clean criminal record, paid their taxes, and aren't associated with "unsavory venues." So, sorry strip clubs DJs, apparently you won't be able to join the effort.

Events are also being planned for New York City and several swing stakes, but it makes a certain sense that Miami is ground zero for the movement.

Yes, DJs have long been part of our musical culture, but we're also a strong Democratic hub in a potentially vital swing state. Every little bit of voter outreach helps.

Of course, we're hoping that somewhere out there a bunch of part-time record spinners who usually stick to middle school dance and 50th anniversary parties are planning to launch DJs for Romney. Expected playlist: "Electric Slide," that techno remix of "Cotton Eyed Joe" and "Honkey Tonk Badonkadonk."

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Kyle Munzenrieder

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