DJ Seasunz Denied Bond

Juan Carlos Portieles, AKA DJ Seasunz, was denied bond this morning. He's being charged with the second-degree murder of his girlfriend, 18-year-old Jaclyn Elisse Torrealba.

Meanwhile, CBS news blog Crimesider talked to Jaclyn's cousin Daniela Torrealba, who said the family found the couple's two-year relationship, which began when Jaclyn was 16, "disturbing" and that it had "issues because he was so much older."

They also confirm what we reported yesterday, that the 30 year-old Portieles seemed to surround himself with underage girls.

According to a 17-year-old who worked with him selling tickets to a music festival, Portieles was adored by girls. These teens "loved" the popular DJ and "thought he was sweet and charming," the teen, who asked to be called "Juliette," said in an online interview with Crimesider.

Portieles would go to "all the clubs that 15- to 25-year-olds go to" and that "all he had was younger girls," Juliette said.

"Juliette" also said Portieles "drank a lot."

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