(Ed: Not actually the Frenchman in question.)

Dispatch from the French: Florida Is 'Beautiful,' Floridians Are 'Simple'

Earlier this month, we brought you the tale of William Guinaraes and Laetitia Casareto, a handsome young couple from Bordeaux with an inspiring, borderline psychotic dream: walking from Miami to Ushuaia, the southernmost tip of Argentina.

The couple, although strangely unperturbed about an utter lack of Spanish speaking abilities, were more than a little concerned about the possibility of crocodile attacks and Mexican kidnappers.

Riptide is happy to report that three weeks later, William and Laetitia have successfully navigated the Everglades and landed in Sebring, on the banks of Lake Jackson.

William checks in with this report:

"We are in sebring.

Laetitia is afraid of aligator, we saw too many on onkeechobee lake.

The american hospitality are very very good. They always help us . . .

Florida is very beautiful just the people are litle bit simple."

Frankly, Riptide's not sure how to feel about this report from our modern day Alexis de Tocqueville. Simple? Could we have a bad translation at work here?

Actually, on second thought ...

-- Tim Elfrink

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