Disco Rick Would Like to Clarify His Previous Statements Re: Sex in the Champagne Room

Last week, retired rapper and King of Diamonds strip club manager Ricky "Disco Rick" Taylor made it rain knowledge on the blogosphere's gyrating ass in anticipation of the Super Bowl, which he predicted will be "the biggest weekend in strip club history in South Florida."

One of the Hypnotiq-soaked crumpled bills of wisdom he tossed our way: "There is sex in the champagne room. There's not supposed to be. What we don't know about we don't give a fuck." He also listed the names of several NFL players from Miami who he expects will be up in the club trying to convey the following message to their league-mates from across the country: "This is how we do in Miami."

As it turns out, divulging this sort of sensitive information is a big no-no in the oiled-boob industry. Within an hour of us posting to the blog, somebody started a Twitter account under the handle "DISCORICKSARAT". Among the mad tweeter's not-at-all-exaggerated claims:

Disco Rick Said in Article KOD [King of Diamonds] sell pussy, also the girls are slaves.

Disco Rick states there is sex in the Champagne Room. Why is he shaming the KOD hoes?

Apparently, this DISCORICKSARAT is a budding feminist. He also sent multiple plaintive missives to P. Diddy, who'll host a Super Bowl party at the club, warning him of a law-enforcement blitz being planned in the wake of the blog post:

Federal agents set to raid KOD Superbowl weekend thanks to this article posted by Disco Rick.

Then we got a text from Disco Rick himself:

Why did u [use] the NFL players name[s] in the paper? These guys has wives. And having sex in our VIP room? Not this club. Try TOOTSIE'S. We don't do that here at King of Diamonds.

Oh, snap. We smell another Twitter war over that one. He also texted us eight messages containing two drafts of 12 "revised rules" -- it was 1 a.m., by the way -- which we will now print the latter part of at Disco Rick's behest:

10. Please don't slap dancers on the ass or slap their asses with money.

11. Don't put your hands in between the legs of dancers.

12. Don't ask to work if you got stretch marks like a road map on your belly.

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