Did This Miami Beach Holocaust Survivor Lie To Oprah? The New Republic Says Maybe.

Herman Rosenblat, a Miami retiree, has for the last decade spread the amazing tale of how he met his wife. He even appeared on Oprah twice, and Ms. Winfrey dubbed it the greatest love story ever told.

Rosenblat was a prisoner in the Nazi's infamous Buchenwald concentration camp. A young girl, a Jew pretending to be a Christian for her own safety, lived on a neighboring farm and would toss an apple over the fence everyday to help him survive.

Rosenblat does survive and immigrates to America, when in 1957 he is set up on a blind date at Coney Island and, surprise, surprise, it is the apple girl! A very powerful, very touching tale that's scheduled to come to a book store near you in memoir titled Angle at the Fence next year, and a film adaption is set to begin filming in March.

The New Republic recounts the historical problems with the tale, and concludes that it is either heavily embellished, or totally fabricated.

The accusation are pretty damning, and TNR brings up uncomfortable topics like trying to commercialize the holocaust. [via New York]

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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