Did the Hurricanes Return to the Studio for a New Rap Song?

Remember "The 7th Floor Crew," the raunchy nine-minute rap opus dedicated to gangbanging ladies, recorded by members of the University of Miami football team? Boy, do we, and it's with a bit of trepidation we report that some are speculating a new rap song recorded by current Canes players has surfaced. 

"Orange on One Side, Green on the Other," compared to its spiritual predecessor, is an innocent little exercise in football trash talk. Unless you're offended by a couple of "shit"s and "fuck"s (in which case, please get a life), the most controversial lyric might be, "No more Marve man, shit's gonna be great/Jacory finally gonna get four quarters of play."

There's no hard evidence there are actually Canes players on the rap -- except maybe the line "Hurricanes on the track, we looking to cut loose" -- but whoever made the track certainly has an in-depth knowledge of and an unbridled enthusiasm for the current Canes roster. QB Jacory Harris has said he has a burgeoning rap career under the name J12 that coach Randy Shannon isn't exactly thrilled with, but there's no J12 credited on the song. 

We Secretly hope there are Canes behind this. Not because we want to see Shannon go overboard with his nun-like discipline, but because if the Canes really do have half this swagger, it might be a better season than we thought. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.