Did Marco Rubio Rip-off Hulu.com?

Seems that Marco Rubio's fledgling senate campaign has another group of detractors? The graphic design community. 

Last night we were browsing You Thought We Wouldn't Notice, a blog dedicated to pointing out blatant design rip-offs. Six pages in we saw the name "Marco Rubio," and seriously thought our weird obsession with the young conservative's DOA senate campaign was starting to affect our off-hours, but no, apparently the site slammed Rubio for ripping off, of all websites, Hulu.Com

The site also points out that Rubio's Privacy Policy was exactly the same as the site for Congressman Jeff Flake. So much so, that at that time, and email address on Rubio's page actually directed to Flaked. 

The post is from April, so if you've heard this before, sorry. However maybe it's not a coincidence that Rubio's website has been redesigned. Though the privacy policy is the same (to be fair, it seems to be pretty standard legal jargon), but all web addresses appear to actually go to the Rubio campaign. 

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