Did Dez Bryant Tell Jeff Ireland His Dad was a Pimp?

Context is everything, and Sports Illustrated says they have the full conversation leading up to Jeff Ireland's now infamous question to Dez Bryant. But ESPN says it's not true! 

Yahoo! Sports reported last week that the Dolphins GM asked Bryant if his mom was a hooker, before columnist Mike Silver tour Ireland a new one, calling him an "A-list A-Hole." 

This morning Sports Illustrated reported that the question was somewhat appropriate giving the context. See, Ireland only asked the question because Bryant said his dad was a pimp, and that his mother worked for his dad. 

According to the sources, Ireland began the meeting by asking Bryant, 21, about his upbringing and his relationship with his siblings. Then he asked what Bryant's father did for a living when Bryant was growing up. The following exchange allegedly ensued:

"My dad was a pimp."

"What did your mom do [for a living]?"

"She worked for my dad."

"Your mom was a prostitute?"

"No, she wasn't a prostitute.

If that was the end of it we'd all feel bad for tearing into Ireland while the Curb Your Enthusiasm music played. Because, honestly if someone said their mother worked for a pimp, who happened to be your father, wouldn't that be a logical question?

But ESPN reports that Bryant never told Ireland his dad was a pimp. 

Dallas Cowboys rookie receiver Dez Bryant has denied that a question from Miami Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland in a predraft interview asking if his mother was a prostitute was prompted by something Bryant said.

"No, I didn't tell him my dad was a pimp," Bryant said in a text message to ESPN's Ed Werder on Thursday.

So Mom-WhoreGate continues.

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