Derek Medina, Facebook Killer, Pleads 'Not Guilty'

Despite the fact there's no argument that Derek Medina pulled the trigger that killed his wife shortly before he posted a photo of her dead body on Facebook, Medina plead not guilty to first-degree murder charges in court this morning. Medina's case will now head to trial as soon as March. It's expected his defense attorneys will try to defend Medina by claiming he was acting in self-defense.

Medina shook South Florida by posting an image of his wife Jennifer Alfonso's lifeless body slumped on their South Miami townhouse's kitchen floor. He confessed to the killing on Facebook and said he'd probably be "going to prison or death sentence" for the crime. He then left Alfonso's young daughter in the home with her mother's body while he went to turn himself in.

Prosecutors upped the charges to first-degree murder yesterday and indeed Medina could face the death penalty.

Medina's defense attorneys will not argue that Medina pulled the trigger, but will likely claim that Medina acted in self-defense. They'll likely paint Alfonso as an abusive wife, both physically and mentally, and that Medina simply cracked after an argument on that morning in which they'll claim Alfonso punched him.

However, prosecutors are likely to present evidence suggesting that Medina was the abusive spouse. Several of Medina's friends and co-workers have come forward in the media to suggest that Medina had previously physically abused her. Evidence may also suggest that Alfonso was down on her knees trying to shield herself when Medina shot her at point blank.

A trial date has been set for March, though that could be pushed back.

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