Derek Medina, Facebook Killer, Caught on Video Moments Before and After Shooting Wife

There is little doubt that Derek Medina killed his wife. On August 8, the 31-year-old notoriously posted a photo of Jennifer Alonso's bullet-ridden body on Facebook along with his confession.

Medina has so far pleaded not guilty, however, claiming he was simply defending himself against Alonso's assault.

But surveillance video footage released by prosecutors shows another story, with Medina attacking his wife before coolly snapping the now-infamous photo.

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The video, obtained by the Miami Herald, shows Medina storming into the couple's kitchen, where Alonso was doing the dishes. He recoils as Alonso begins to hit him.

Medina then leaves the kitchen and returns moments later with a gun (not visible in the video). The shooting takes place just off-screen, but a flurry of gun powder can be seen as Medina shoots his wife six to eight times.

Medina then grabs his cell phone and a white jacket with the words "Writers Rock" on the back. Before leaving the house -- apparently to turn himself in to police -- he stops once more in the kitchen to snap a photo of Alonso's lifeless body.

The video is unlikely to bolster Medina's argument that he was acting in self-defense.

Prosecutors also released Alonso's diary, which not only makes references to the couple's troubled, often-"hate"-filled relationship but also details Alonso's beliefs in ghosts and zombies.

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