Dems Unveil First Florida Attack Ad of 2010

The Democrats are ready to paint Charlie Crist as a political escape artist, even before he officially announces whether he will run for Senate. This ad will begin running in the state capital tomorrow.

"The DSCC obviously knows they're in trouble in Florida, because this reeks of desperation. Too bad they haven't learned that voters in the Sunshine State are looking for real solutions, accountability, and checks and balances in Washington -- not another round of pithy negative attacks," Amber Wilkerson, a spokesperson for the National Republican Senatorial Committee, said in a mass email to the media.

Gee, Amber? You mean like the pithy, negative attacks that became a sad hallmark of Mel Martinez's Senate race in 2004? And, really, "voters in the Sunshine State" are looking for real solutions from Republicans? Didn't we just vote for President Obama in the last election? And, hmm, real solutions? Does Charlie Crist have those? I'm pretty sure even the people in his own party disagree with many of his overly optimistic solutions.

That being said, Democrats, after all the "hope" and "optimism" your party has tapped into, you're going to air a negative ad against a politician who hasn't even announced his decision to run yet? Classy.

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Kyle Munzenrieder