Dems Compliment Charlie Crist on his "Good Hair and Nice Tan," Blast Him on Everything Else

Charlie Crist is such an upbeat fellow that I'm sure he'll appreciate the fact that the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee just sent out an email touting the Gov's silver fox-ish good looks citing his "Good Hair and Nice Tan." He might be a little sad that it comes as part of a compliment sandwich with a whole lot of critical meat stuck between that white bread. 

The email, part of a series of fundraising messages entitled "The Rant," also notes that Forbes.com posted an article asking if Crist was indeed America's Worst Governor. It also claims: Crist put politics first by picking George LeMieux, his former chief-of-staff, to replace Mel Martinez in the Senate; rehashing the fact he takes a lot of days off; has taken a hard right turn as of late, supposedly, to appeal to the Republican base; and that he'll end up losing, maybe, anyway to Marco Rubio. 

Then it politely asks for money, before again complimenting Crist's rad tan. 

Not mentioned: probably Democratic Senate candidate Kendrick Meek. On one hand it's good for Meek that he's not directly tied to out-and-out Crist bashing. On the other, it's sort of troubling that the DSCC thinks it has a better chance of raising funds by ripping on Crist's record than by touting Meek's. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.