Dems Ask Diaz-Balart to Repudiate Gingrich's "Racist" Sotomayor Tweet

If you thought some of the things that came out of Newt Gingrich's mouth were ridiculous, wait until you get a load of his Twitter. The former speaker tried on his best Tom Tancredo impersonation and Tweeted out this:

"Imagine a judicial nominee said 'my experience as a white man makes me better than a Latina woman' new racism is no better than old racism....White man racist nominee would be forced to withdraw. Latina woman racist should also withdraw."

The whole idea that Sotomayor is an out and out racist for her comments is so ridiculous, and Tim Wise really expresses it better than I ever could.

That being said, The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is now asking Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart to repudiate Gingrich's tweets. See Gingrich is hosting a fundraiser, and some of the money will find its way into Diaz-Balart's coffers. 

But, uh, seriously guys, if every congressman has to publicly repudiate every stupid thing on every has-been, fellow party member's Twitter, politics would become, some how, some way, weirder and more ridiculous than it already is. Besides, Dems, do you really have to do your part in making Gingrich relevant again? 

Diaz-Balart, if you're wondering, is not on Twitter as of yet. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.