Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Carly Fiorina in Meet the Press Catfight

When Carly Fiorina, a senatorial candidate from California, mocked U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer's haircut last week as "sooo yesterday," Boxer let political pundits do the barking for her.

Instantly, talking heads and bloggers accused the former Hewlett Packard CEO of reviving stereotypes of female candidates' cattiness.

But when Fiorina criticized South Florida congressman Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Meet the Press Sunday, homegirl didn't take it lying down.

Instead Wasserman and Fiorina talked over each other, counterattacked, whispered about each other under their breath, shook their heads in disagreement, and cattily fought as only two dignified, middle-aged politicians can - via satellite.

As Wasserman was about to make a point, Fiorina started talking over her, which prompted the congresswoman to loudly butt in: "Excuse me, excuse me, you keep interrupting me." Twelve more minutes of sweet bitch-fighting followed, with David Gregory only gleefully looking on. [Video after the jump]

The two were on the round table of the Sunday talk show to discuss the BP oil spill. Fiorina advocated for more federal regulation of the oil industry, which Wasserman suggested was hypocritical because Republicans usually call for less regulation.

Then the two traded insults about who was really to blame for the spill - George W. Bush, Obama, Sasha and Malia - before Gregory finally shushed them both.

Below, The Daily Beast has video of the tiff.

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