De Niro Would Not Approve of this Armored Truck Heist in Midtown

You remember that scene in Heat when Robert De Niro's badass crew perfectly executes this plan to knock over an armored truck? How they all pulled on those hockey masks, then blocked the truck's path with a stolen ambulance, rammed it with a stolen semi-truck, and then laid spikes so the cops blew out their tires before they could give chase?

Well, that's not at all what happened in Miami on Tuesday, just a couple blocks from New Times HQ. An armored truck filled with cash pulled up to General Financial Corp. at 3012 NW 2nd Ave. just after 10:30 a.m., when a 5'6", 160-pound guy bum-rushed the guard, stole his Glock and ran off with a few bags of cash, said Kenia Alfonso, a police spokesperson, in a release to Riptide.

One short, skinny guy? No stolen ambulances or elaborate escape routes? What kind of messed up heist was this?

Of course, we should all be happy it didn't end like Heat's famous scene, with a unhinged robber gunning down all the security guards just for fun. Still, we could have at least gotten a good high speed chase out of this, right?

-- Tim Elfrink

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