David Rivera Attacked as Bizarre Mr. Bean-Austin Powers Hybrid Monster

The race to fill the empty seat in congressional district 25 is heating up, and lately things haven't been going Republican David Rivera's way. Most recently, an agency that he claimed on sworn documents employed him says it has no records of ever doing business with him. Now along comes Democrat Joe Garcia with this new web ad to really drive it home. Except its a bizarre mix of references to Austin Powers and Mr. Bean, which are two completely different things.

Austin Powers is a Hollywood franchise involving a comedic spy from the swinging '60s era that spoofs all things British. Mr. Bean is actually British, but is neither a spy nor from the swinging '60s. The add goes with an Austin Powers theme ("The Politician Who Shagged Us"), but uses footage from Mr. Bean. I guess Rivera looks more like Mr. Bean, and they were able to find more appropriate clips to use, but honestly, I am just confused! Not as confused as I am over Rivera's employment history, but confused none the less.

[Update: Ah, the joke is Rivera looks like Bean, and Herald columnist Fred Grimm referred to Rivera as "The International Man of Mystery" in a recent column. So, there we are.]

With Al Franken now in the Senate the bar for politicians making intentional political satire on their own has never been higher. Granted, we'd rather have a politician who makes bad intentional satire, than one who make an unintentional mockery of politics. So well cut Garcia some slack. After all, he was the subject of one of the worst viral ads ever to hit the district.

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Kyle Munzenrieder