David Byrne Settles Lawsuit With Charlie Crist

During his failed Senate bid, Charlie Crist ironically used the Talking Heads' song "Road to Nowhere" in an online ad attacking Marco Rubio. Problem was Crist didn't get permission from Heads frontman and songwriter David Byrne to use the tune, and Byrne promptly sued Crist for $1 million. Well, unlike Crist's Senate run, which was pretty much a road to nowhere, the lawsuit has followed a road to an amiable settlement.

The Herald reports that the details of the settlement are being kept private but that Crist and Byrne seemed to get along quite well during the talks.

"He's a wonderful guy," Crist said of Byrne. "A very kind man. I really have great respect for him. He's an incredible artist. We had a good interaction last week and a nice settlement. And I'm very pleased."

"Really, Gov. Crist almost looks like David Byrne, it's kind of neat," Byrne's lawyer Edward M. Livingston added. "They could've been brothers."

Crist, who was represented by power attorney (and his new boss) John Morgan, had argued that the ad agency who put the video together was responsible for not seeking permission.

Well, we're glad Crist and Byrne came to an agreement. Unfortunately, Crist can't guarantee any pardon for Byrne should he, say, decide to expose himself during a concert in Coconut Grove.

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