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Dating Tips from Mermaids (the UM Swim Team)

The University of Miami swim team is a mini United Nations with girls hailing from seven countries speaking eight different languages. These cosmopolitan swimmers not only toppled numerous school records and recorded their best season under third-year head coach Christie Shefchunas, but they also helped the community by building homes for Habitat for Humanity.

On top of all that, these ladies were kind enough to dispense a little dating advice for the male race residing in Miami beginning with fashion.

Alicia Casillas of Spain and Hagar Elgendy of Egypt both agreed that guys look good in hats. "Jeans and a polo is always timeless," added Germany's Britta Boesing. "And when the t-shirt complements the eyes," said Estonia's Annika Saarnak, "that's definitely a fashion do."

Fashion don'ts included sagging pants, mixing stripes with checkered patterns, and clothes that are unflatteringly too snug.

Grooming and personal hygiene were also hotly discussed topics. Saarnak remarked that a nice smile is a turn-on, but body odor is a definite deal breaker. "Shaving your armpits at least once a month is also a good idea," said the Estonian.

After tackling the outer appearance issues, the ladies stressed the importance of personality and behavior. "Compliments are important," said Elgendy. "I know I am pretty, but it is amazing to hear it from the one you care for and love and a rose here and there brightens up my week."

So now you have bought the right clothes, groomed yourself to look just so, and polished the personality. Now comes the date.

"I don't like plans," said Casillas. "Improvisation and originality is key." Saarnak added someplace comfortable and not overly fancy works best. Both Elgendy and Boesing said that the classic walk-on-the-beach is always appreciated. The two also said that a date at a museum or art gallery is a bad idea and that you should never take a girl to a humdrum place like Denny's or Friday's.

The swimmers offered a few celebrities such as singer Bobby Valentino and actors George Clooney and Jim Carrey as models for guys. "Dark hair, tall, athletic body, funny, flirty, friendly; someone who values other things beside money and their career is the makeup for the perfect guy."

But Boesing wasn't so sure about the perfect guy. "There is no such thing. If there is, let me know."

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