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Danielle Staub Comes Clean on Housewives' Reunion

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey ended as wonderfully mysteriously as it started, with questions still left unanswered, the lines of relationships still left murky, and even a new scandalous plot twist or two added during the last few minutes of the reunion. But at-least Daniel Staub, the former model who's younger years in Miami involved entanglements with a drug lord, an arrest on kidnapping an cocaine charges, and some celeb mingling, got to finally set the record straight. 

So first of all, yes she did make out with Miami Vice star Don Johnson. Her ex-husband claimed that Johnson paid for her services, but both Staub and Don Johnson (yes, he actually released a statement about the rumor) deny this (she's also claimed in earlier interviews to have made out with Prince and Mick Jagger). 

For the matter, Staub claims she never worked as a prostitute or escort, despite the fact the claim is repeated multiple time in recently released court documents. But, hey, it was a police investigation that happened in the '80s in Miami-Dade County of all place, so who knows how accurate it really is? Though, she did admit to being a burlesque and go-go dancer, and a bit of nympho. 

She also denied the rumor that she was a coke fiend, and instead cops to having enjoyed marijuana. She remained quiet on whether or not actually she actually dated a Colombian coke king, and promises a book to straighten it all out (so you know what to get me for Christmas). 

Then things turned dark as she revealed her life story. Her mother, an Italian immigrant, gave birth to her at 15. She was adopted by an abusive family, and claims she was raped at the age of 8. She left home at an early age, and the first husband who wrote the book that started all the controversy in the first place beat and terrorized her. At this point, she's in tears, and wants the other housewives (three of whom are actually family) to know how lucky they are for having big, supportive families. Heavy stuff. 

She admits to doing some wrong during the show, mostly her attacks against fellow cast-mate Dina. But she claims to be a changed person now. 

So all seems good. Dina even appears to have forgiven her, but then Dina's sister Caroline has a breakdown over something  Danielle recently did. The way it was edited, it almost seems  she tried to take a hit out on Dina. But all season long, this show has edited things to give a few *wink* *wink* they're all mafia princess hints, so who knows. 

In other assorted Danielle Staub news, she recently blocked the release of a sex tape an ex-boyfriend was trying to sell, and apparently the Republican Party of New Jersey tried to recruit her to run for Congress. I just give up trying to make sense of any of this, but hey, at least she seems to have fewer skeletons in her closet than Mark Sanford. 

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