Dan Gelber "Steps Back" From Senate Race

The notion of any real divisive, state-wide primaries in Florida seems to be dead, as state Sen. Den Gelber has announced that he's "stepping back" from the US Senate Race. Which more or less means he's out.

He made the announcement on his blog:

It makes little sense -- when we do face the prospect of real change in Florida -- for me to participate in a potentially divisive primary for U.S. Senate that will only serve to diminish our chances against a very formidable and well-known Republican nominee.

I also believe that we have a historic opportunity here in Florida to reshape the political landscape and more importantly, bring fundamental change to Tallahassee.

Let's read between the lines. 1. He doesn't want to run in a primary where the "winner" will have an uphill battle facing Charlie Crist in the general election. 2. He's got his eyes on Tallahassee now instead of Washington DC. 

Gelber has widely been mentioned as a potential contender for Attorney General should he step back from the Senate race. Is it more or less a waiting game until his official announcement? 

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Kyle Munzenrieder