Dan Gelber: Rick Scott Doesn't Care About Florida People

Former Miami Beach Democratic-state-senator-turned-failed- attorney-general-candidate Dan Gelber doesn't want his political relevance to fade away (and the man may have a bright future in Florida politics yet), so he's reminded everyone he's still around by posting a blistering attack on Florida's easiest target: Gov. Rick Scott. In fact, Scott makes Gelber so sick, the progressive pol is actually missing the days of Jeb Bush.

In a blog post titled "I Miss Jeb Bush," Gelbers calls Scott "reptilian," "like a bad sequel to the movie The Hangover," and like chrome domed Superman villain Lex Luther:

Rick Scott doesn't seem to care about Florida.

His only interest seems to be pandering to a narrow swath of tea party supporters by nationalizing Florida politics. But Florida has unique challenges, and in the process of proving his tea party credentials, Governor Scott is ruining our state. Floridians barely elected him not because of who he was, but what he wasn't (a Democrat). Now, like a bad sequel to the movie The Hangover, Floridians are retracing their steps to figure out how they woke up with a tiger in their bathroom and Lex Luther as governor. His approval rating is 29% and frankly that's too generous.

In fact, Scott has him missing Bush.

"Don't misunderstand, I fought Jeb (and, I suspect, will again)," wrote Gelber. "But no matter how much I opposed his policies, I always believed Jeb possessed the requisite respect for our state and its people."

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Kyle Munzenrieder