Dan Campbell Should Be Dolphins Head Coach Next Season

The Dan Campbell Miami Dolphins era is off to a smoking-hot start, one that has the Fins the talk of the town. After sputtering to a 1-3 start under Joe Philbin, the Dolphins looked unrecognizable in their 38-10 spanking of the Tennessee Titans this past Sunday. The performance has some observers asking if Campbell could be more than just an interim-head-coaching Band-Aid. 

Well, ask no more, because the obvious answer is yes: Campbell should get a prolonged look as Dolphins head coach. Here are a few reasons owner Stephen Ross shouldn't have to look too far this offseason when he's searching for a permanent replacement for Philbin. 

Campbell is the bro-iest bro's bro, and the assistant coaches love it.

For some reason, it's become assumed that NFL head coaches are experts in every facet of the game and that every assistant coach beneath them is just there to carry out the master plan of King Coach. But that's not always the case. Campbell, well aware he's not Mr. Know-It-All, has already proven he is able to delegate responsibilities to his staff. 

The Vine above says it all — the Dolphins coaching staff feels much more involved working under Campbell.

Campbell cuts the BS, and he's well aware everyone thinks the Dolphins are soft as Charmin.

Most coaches would come into their new job praising the organization, blowing butterflies and bubbles up everyone's ass, trying to make them feel better about themselves. But not Campbell. This guy gets us. The quote above shows that Campbell is ahead of the curve when it comes to figuring out how deep the bullshit in Davie is, mainly because he's been shoveling it for years himself.

Campbell already has this team believing it's unbeatable.

"When we walked on the field, we knew we were going to win the game," wide receiver Jarvis Landry told the Finsiders after Sunday's game. You heard a lot of this kind of talk following the Fins' takedown of the Titans, which is all very un-Dolphinsy. Who knows how long it will last, but Campbell seems to have pushed all the right motivational buttons on this Dolphins team. Joe Philbin-led teams were historically horrific in the first quarter of games during his tenure, making it doubtful they felt too confident during warmups. 

Dan Campbell brings the swagger back to Miami.

In less than two weeks, Campbell has already changed the identity of the Dolphins, so imagine what he could do with an entire offseason.

Now everyone will complain the Dolphins are too tough. In less than two weeks, Campbell managed to get other people to say something they haven't said about the Dolphins in decades, namely that they're too physical. Campbell asked his players to "toe the line between dirty and competitive" when he took over as head coach, and dammit if they didn't do just that in their first game on his watch. 

The Titans didn't think the way the Dolphins played was fair, which will totally matter when we look back at the 38-10 score in a year. It's time for the Dolphins to hurt some feelings and stop being such sissies. Campbell is the guy to make that happen.

Campbell knows what it's like to be an NFL player who didn't wear a leather helmet.

At 39 years old, Campbell is the youngest coach in the NFL and just a few years removed from being in his players' shoes. There are many players in the NFL who played with Campbell. Having a coach who knows exactly what if feels like to be an NFL player in today's league is an advantage that zero other NFL coaches have. 

Between knowing what it feels like to practice all week after a long game, when you need to rest, and how your body responds come Sunday, Campbell is his own sports-science consultant. Fins players will get behind someone who has done what they are doing and would only ask the same of them as what he once did himself. 

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