Dad Accused of Killing Toddler During "Boxing Lessons" Commits Suicide in Jail

Lee Willie DeJesus, a 25-year-old father from Homestead, was put behind bars last August after allegedly killing his two-year-old son during "boxing lessons". He spent the rest of his life there. On Saturday DeJesus was found hanging from his own bed sheets at the Miami-Dade jail.

DeJesus was charged with second degree murder and aggravated child abuse last year after he allegedly punched his young son 15 times. The boy also fell off the bed and hit his head. DeJesus waited 30 minutes to call 911 after the incident, and the boy was later pronounced dead at the Miami Children's Hospital. Even before the deadly incident, the boy was on the radar of the Department of Children and Families.

DeJesus told police that he was merely giving his son "boxing lessons."

DeJesus has been in jail ever since, and was staying in the ninth-floor psychiatric ward of the Miami-Dade jail. He was not on suicide watch, and officials found him Saturday night hanging from his bed sheets in an apparent suicide.

DeJesus had pleaded guilty to the charges, but according to The Herald, prosecutors were considering charging him with first-degree murder, which could have carried the punishment of the death penalty.

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Kyle Munzenrieder