Dad Accused of Breaking His Own Baby's Bones

Duran Barfield, 24, has been accused of inflicting at least 28 fractures in the bones of his 4-month-old son. Though Barfield's family, including his fiancée and the child's mother, say he's a great father, and Barfield claims that the injuries are actually a result of the child falling off a bed. He's being charged with  child abuse, aggravated assault and torture.

The baby was taken to the hospital on Christmas Eve with symptoms similar to the flu. Doctors at Jackson Memorial soon discovered several injuries to the child's rib cage. At least 28 rib fractures were confirmed.

Police believe that the injuries were sustained when Barfield repeatedly squeezed and punched his baby.

Barfield was arrested Tuesday and appeared in court yesterday.

However, the child's mother, and Barfield's fiancée, tells WSVN he's a good father who has never laid a hand on the baby in front of her.

"He tried to work, tried to stay off the streets," she told the station. "He would change him, he would play with him, and he loves him too much, so I trust him to watch over him."

Barfield said the child fell out of bed, but apparently police believe they have enough evidence to prove that he inflicted the injuries.

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Kyle Munzenrieder