Cuban News: Fidel Castro Linked To Arrested Cancun Mayor, Mexican Drug Cartel Los Zetas

Every week, exiled Cubans are pissed about something. If it's not a Los Van Van concert, it's Hugo Chavez. Protesting outside Versailles is their idea of a Glee club, and their favorite pastime is tacking on new crimes, no matter how far-fetched, to Fidel Castro's long list of offenses.

In this week's installment of Cuban news, Fidel Castro may have ties to Mexico's drug war.

The arrest of the former mayor of Cancun has revealed a human smuggling ring that reaches to the highest levels of the Cuban government, according to a Mexican newspaper.

Gregorio Sánchez, the former mayor of Cancun and a gubernatorial candidate, was arrested last week on charges of money laundering, racketeering, narcotics trafficking, and human smuggling. The humans he was smuggling were Cuban.

Last year, Sánchez struck a deal to facilitate the illegal entrance of the Cubans to the province of Quintana Roo, where the resort city of Cancun is located, and where he is running for governor.

Smuggling was so heavy, the Cuban population there ballooned from 893 in 2005 to 6,000 this year.

According to El Diario, helping Martinez carry out the deal was Boris del Valle Alonso, a Cuban intelligence official who has also been linked to Los Zetas, considered by the Drug Enforcement Agency to be the most dangerous of Mexican drug cartels.

Los Zetas, or "The Zs" (Like Zorro, it sounds way cooler in Spanish) are elite Mexican goombahs, known as much for their paramilitary tactics, as for their clever code names. They have sub groups within the cartel that play different roles, like Los Leopardos, prostitutes they use to entrap adversaries; and Las Ventanas, or the windows, kids on bike used for surveillance.

Still with us? Well, it turns out del Valle is related to Castro's reputed wife, Dalia Soto del Valle, which exile blogs, naturally, say means El Supremo is dealing drugs out of his mansion's rear entrance.

Crazy index: Even for nutjob Cubans, this allegation has more holes than a dead Tijuana hooker.

Meanwhile, Martinez, incarcerated in a maximum security prison thousands of miles away from Cancun, is keeping his campaign for governor going.

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