Critical Mass Heads Through Little Havana, Liberty City, Wynwood Tonight

Welcome to another summer day, Miami. Today's forecast: a relatively temperate high of 90, with temps dipping into the mid-80s by early evening. Perfect weather, in other words, for joining a few dozen of your closest, sweatiest friends on a 16-mile group ride. Yep, it's Critical Mass tonight. 

This evening's route essentially makes a big, haphazard loop around northern Miami. From downtown, the ride heads west along Flagler Street through Little Havana; at NW 22nd Avenue, the ride turns right, heading north through Allapattah, Brownsville, and Liberty City; at NW 80th Street it turns east again, until NW 12th Avenue, then heads back south before finally heading farther east to pass through Wynwood and Overtown.

As always, the ride meets at 6:45 p.m. at Government Center on NW First Street, then takes off at 7:15. This ride also marks the second month that the cyclists are unable to take the Venetian Causeway to Miami Beach — the road remains closed until next year because of repairs, stifling both pedestrian and cyclist access to the Beach. 

Here's the map of tonight's ride:

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Trevor Bach