Crist Gets Slammed for Playing the 'Race Card' by Rubio-friendly Bloggers

In regards to the stupid YouTube video we talked about Wednesday, popular conservative Blogger Erik Erikson of declares that Charlie Crist is playing the race card. Here's the Headline: "Charlie Crist Finally Pulls Race Card. Jealous of Rubio's Better Tan."

"The video shows Marco Rubio speaking in Spanish, then has a clip of Barack Obama referring to Marco Rubio as a Cuban, then says no way "WE" can trust Rubio. Really? Because he's Cuban? Really?," writes Erikson.

Another blogger at thinks the racism is so apparent it makes him sick to his stomach. 

"So we have Rubio speaking Spanish, for half the commercial, reportedly supporting a felon with an uber-Hispanic name," he writes.

That 'felon' is Former Hialeah Mayor Raul Martinez, who is not actually a felon at all. The video, though, isn't highlighting Rubio's 'support' of Martinez, which is not actually support at all, because he's hispanic or a 'felon,' but because he's a Democratic. 

That's the intent of the video. It's some sloppy attempt to show that Rubio is somehow friendly with some Democrats. Problem is, there's nothing as tarnishing as Crist's hug with Obama out there. So the video maker, probably some random guy, could only come up with these clips. The "WE" clearly refers to all Republicans, and not white folk. 

Maybe it's lost on us here in Miami, but what exactly is racist about showing a candidate speaking Spanish? If it's clearly racist to you, and we just don't get it, please let us know. Yes, most politicians from the area speak Spanish. Most of them *gasp* have been caught on tape doing so. A lot of them have "uber-Hispanic" names, all of them are connected to someone with "uber-Hispanic" names. 

Meanwhile, there's no evidence to suggest Crist has anything to do with this video. So how anyone could accuse Crist personally of pulling the race card is beyond us (as is most of the logic employed on 

If Crist is a racist, how is it that he has the support of some of South Florida's most prominent Cuban-American politicians (The Diaz-Balarts and Mayor Alvarez), while Rubio does not? 

So how did this stupid video catch fire? Oh, maybe it had something to do with The Herald and The St. Pete Times writing it up


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