Crist Doesn't Want to Deal in Cheney Hypotheticals, Thank You Very Much

The Herald's Marc Caputo was wondering if Dick Cheney ever crawled out of the hyperbolic chamber that keeps him alive in the torture dungeon basement of his demon castle, located somewhere southwest of Hell, and decided to campaign on Charlie Crist's behalf in the Senate race, would Charlie accept? 

Slippery Crist, of course, didn't really give an answer, only saying, "Would I be proud to? Nobody's offered. Let's see. I don't want to deal in hypotheticals."

Crist obviously isn't very interested in Dick, and knows he's not going to bother campaigning for some over tanned moderate in the Sunshine State when he's busy trying to bring down the Obama administration. So Crist ain't gonna sweat it with giving actual answers. 

The question comes on the heels of Democrats suggesting that some in the party are trying to distance themselves from Cheney after his recent remarks criticizing the Obama administration and his still lowly poll numbers. A Politico story this morning specifically singled out Crist as Repub who's trying to keep his distance. 

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