Crist Denies Endorsing Stimulus Bill; Owns Up to Accepting Reality

Charlie Crist went on CNN yesterday and said that he didn't endorse the stimulus package

Huh? What? Riptide was there when he appeared with President Obama touting the stimulus in Ft. Myers. 

Even though the White House is claiming that he did in fact pretty much endorse the bill, Crist says he was just trying to make the best of a political reality. 

Here's what Crist said to the press today, via The Buzz:

"The bill that passed wasn't exactly what I would want to vote for. But it's what passed. And once that happened, you need to realize you need to do everything you possibly can to fight for Florida and our fellow Floridians, whether they're school teachers, construction workers or whatever it might be. And so once this happens, you know, I think it's important to embrace it, fight for Florida's fair share and do what's right for the state."

However, Crist did have this to say at the Ft. Myers event, "We know it's important to pass this stimulus package."

Crist is putting distance between himself and the bill because it's become a key point of Marco Rubio's campaign, and the Club for Growth will start airing television ads in Florida hammering the point home

But here's the thing: the bill was going to pass regardless of what Republican Governors had to say about it. Crist could have made a show of not accepting certain funds like Texas' Rick Perry and Louisiana's Bobby Jindal did, but Florida was facing a huge budget shortfall at the time and had one of the worst state economies.

 Maybe appearing on stage with Obama wasn't the smartest political move, but it was a safe bet to assume that most Floridians would like their fair share of stimulus funds if it was going to pass anyway. Florida does regularly send more money to DC than it gets back.

Crist was accepting reality. Though, we're not so sure if out-and-out denying that he supported the stimulus is doing the same. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder