Crist Campaign Used Party Credit Cards, Too

Charlie Crist has been hemming and hawing about Marco Rubio's "questionable" spending on the Republican Party of Florida's American Express cards, saying stupid things about back waxes and "true conservatives." So naturally, campaign finance reports show that Crist's campaign also charged money on RPOF cards, according to The Herald/Times.

Back when Charlie Crist's BFF Jim Greer was running the RPOF, he initially reached out to Andrea Saul, the woman who would eventually become Crist's campaign director. He put a $1000 plain ticket on a party card to fly her to a meeting in Orlando. 

The Crist Campaign also paid  $17,000 in reimbursments to the party's card. Even though the payments were made immediately, it could be a violation of FEC rules because parties are not allowed to loan more than $5,000 to candidates in primary races. 

It's not potentially the same kind of personal spending that Rubio's campaign is charged of (like fixes to the family minivan, and a three-figure bill at a barber shop), but underscores Rubio supporter's anger that the RPOF was in the Crist campaign's back pocket all along, figuratively and now seemingly literally. 

Meanwhile, as long as presumptive Democratic senate nominee Kendrick Meek stays away from any credit cards that don't say "Kendrick Meek" on them, he can just sit back for the next couple of months and watch these two continue to tear each other apart for the next few months. (Though, we do encourage him to take his own credit card and pay for a few public speaking courses.)

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